We are a team of modern and stylish jewelry makers. By connecting with various sources of inspiration, we bring you classic handcrafted jewelries that are truly unique and timeless. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted with so much love and affection to be worthy of your attention.

Our collection of jewelries at Time’s Reel offers exquisite decorative items, lovingly handcrafted from various materials to create an elaborate diverse necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Our designers naturally incorporate the teenage and adult lifestyle into each piece. Age is not a factor!


We strive to create pieces that are simple but yet fascinating and will stand the test of time. Jewelry is known to create a sense of awareness and offer a distinction from a large crowd but handcrafted jewelry particularly breathes character and life into any piece. To this end, we create pieces that beckon to be worn.

We plunged into this market with a wide choice for girls of all ages and a personal touch to make them stand out in style. You are fiery with a mind of your own. You want to wear your attitude in style and Time’s Reel dedicates its range of jewelry to you – the young, honest and fascinating people who want to live fiercely.

We want to make the moment when you receive your package magical, memorable, and dreamy. Rest assured that we take care of the quality of each our products. As a unique brand, we include something special for every package delivered to our esteemed customers. You’d be surprised to see what we have for you. 🙂

Browse our store and find something to match your today’s mood.

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Time’s Reel offers you an infinite variety of biological teas and infusions at unique prices, with shipment all over the world. Our teas are special, completely natural, made up of leaves, fruits and flowers, grown with love, dried in clean spaces and carefully wrapped in the moment of shipment. These teas are grown by our founder’s grandma, Mila. 

Explore our collection, find out from where our teas and infusions arrive and start a day out with our extraordinary flavours.


I’m Muccitas, founder of Time’s Reel – a freelance photographer with a passion for handmade,
in particular jewels, that I realize in my spare time.

Bringing my entrepreneurial spirit, I launched Time’s Reel jewelry in 2011 with the ultimate aim of creating unique jewelry pieces for girls of all ages who are looking to spice up their lifestyle with cynosure.

Online shopping olympic champion,
importer of random junk stuff from various countries all over the world,
I decided to help other people to develop my passion.

I’m like no one thinks I am.
The one that loves special looks.
The happiness in receiving an unexpected phone call or e-mail…
Laughing without cause, until you feel pain in the jaw…
Spend time with friends. I think the best and most precious things in life are big warm hugs, passionate kisses… the smell of rain and daydreaming.

Listening to the radio when your favorite song starts.

Watching the sunrise.
Walking with a friend while it snows.
Walking in a field of wild flowers.
Smile and be reciprocated by anyone, especially by strangers.